REACHT(TM) Intp Your Network

Movik’s unique intelligent Radio Access Network (RAN) solution is based on its REACHTM (Report, Export, Act, Control, HetNet) architecture.   Movik’s REACH architecture provides a comprehensive end-to-end intelligent RAN deployment lifecycle that provides flow-based, content aware RAN awareness in real-time across multiple Radio Access Technologies (multi RAT).  REACH delivers a progressive solution designed specifically to address operator needs today and as networks scale rapidly for tomorrow’s mobile broadband demand as outlined below:

REACH Network Diagram


The company's innovative solutions enable operators to improve the subscriber experience by intelligently correlating and acting in real-time, on all traffic in the RAN. Movik leverages network and content awareness to quickly and easily scale content distribution, establish policies and procedures based on real-time network conditions, and implement traffic management techniques that make the most efficient use of the existing network infrastructure.

REACH diagram

Movik’s REACH architecture is the industry’s first solution that intelligently delivers real-time RAN awareness to the mobile network.  Exposing real-time intelligence from the RAN - the part of the network that impacts efficiency and QoE the most - enables operators to better plan, manage, and control their most valuable network asset.  With Movik’s REACH architecture, each individual element of the access network, down to the sector and device, become independently visible and controllable, allowing operators to take precise actions and policies on a per-sector, per-condition, per-content, and per-subscriber basis.