3G/4G/LTE Correlation for Intelligent RAN Traffic Management

Wireless operators have seen explosive growth in data traffic as a result of higher speed wireless data networks, mobile video and social media and ever increasing USB devices, smartphones and tablets.  With demand for wireless data outpacing the mobile broadband infrastructure available, operators are investing in new, emerging Radio Access Technologies (RAT) such as LTE and HSPA+. To achieve maximum ROI, these newer access technologies have to work with existing technologies and to address this issue; operators are running layered, multi-generational, multi technology Radio Access Networks.


Movik’s LTE Correlation and Multi RAT platform, based on Movik’s REACHTM (Report, Export, Act, Control, HetNet) architecture, enables operators to resolve these problems and gain deep, unified insight into the operational efficiencies of their multi RAT overlay network.   Operators can now detect and trigger multi RAT traffic flow management and policies in real-time enabling subscribers to be optimally connected, anytime, anywhere.

Mobile operators no longer have to think of their networks as separate verticals; with Movik’s LTE Correlation and Multi RAT solution, they have a single, unified view into the overall operational efficiency of all their networks.

REACH diagram

It takes a new approach to mobile congestion management to deal with the exploding growth in data traffic on mobile networks.  With currently available solutions, operators are still missing the potential to improve asset utilization in their networks thereby lowering the cost to deliver traffic at the per bit level. 

Movik's REACH architecture with multi RAT capabilities enables maximum operational efficiency and ROI from multi RAT access networks. With Movik, mobile operators now have for the first time; a deep, correlated view of the real-time RAN that enables them to understand exactly what is going on by device, sector or network. They can finally see what the subscriber QoE is as they transition between 3G and 4G, understand network behavior, whether it is dropped calls, data sessions, or capacity degradation during those transitions as a result of various application or content usage.  Movik’s LTE and Multi RAT platform provides the kind of granular visibility that allows operators to manage both their CAPEX and QoE much more thoughtfully for both their 3G and 4G networks simultaneously.